Recommend product solutions for customer identified needs.

With over 25 years experience in industrial manufacturing, traffic and personal safety BPIS brings a wealth of experience and understanding as to how the right product solution can enhance employee safety, improve morale and operational efficiency resulting in lower overall costs to the company.

Hands on product demonstrations.

Understanding how the product has been designed to perform can best be understood through actually experiencing the product in use. BPIS believes it is a critical step in the decision making process to be able to see how the product features have been incorporated to best meet the needs of the application.

Training for distributors and end users on the proper use and care of the manufacturers’ products.

To receive the best return in the investment you make in the products you purchase from BPIS, understanding the proper use and care of the product is key to our and your success. BPIS provides individualized and group instruction on the products and services it provides.

Provide samples and product information to aid in the proper selection and use of the manufacturers’ products.

For most product lines a reasonable number of samples can be made available to aid with the selection process. When this is not possible due to technical or cost considerations BPIS will work with you to make available systems for trial. Manufacturer’s literature, technical data sheets and MSDS information will be provided as needed.

Respiratory protection compliance training.

In most cases training is required when implementing a respiratory protection program. BPIS has been factory trained on the respiratory products it represents. BPIS has also received additional training in program compliance requirements which can be used to assist with the development or delivery of the required training of the users of respiratory protection products and help insure compliance with local regulation.